Meet the Team

Kelli Gustafson | Editor-in-Chief

Kelli is a recent Communications graduate, who still relies heavily on Google as a spell-check. She is an avid coffee-drinker, 80’s rock-lover, and believes ‘dressing up’ means wearing her finest pair of hiking boots. When she isn’t watching hockey, or asking people she just met for their wifi password, she can be found hiking.


FannyHeadShotFanny Lau | Social Media & Content Coordinator

Fanny learned from a young age that she wasn’t very good at math. Luckily, she realized that her calling had nothing to do with math, and everything to do with writing. She has a degree in English, attends a lot of concerts, and loves craft projects.




Clarissa Wall | Features Writer

Clarissa just finished her undergrad degree in Communications and Business. She loves road trips, hiking, and pretty much any other excuse to get outside. When she’s not outside she can be found reading, binge-watching Netflix, or drinking tea.




Evany_AJEvany Brown | Lifestyle Writer/Contributor

Evany is a mid-20s animator-turned-childcare provider. When not wiping butts, picking up/throwing Lego blocks and begging small children to use their “inside voices”, Evany spends her time binging on Netflix, drawing, sewing and crafting. She has mastered the art of napping in 3 minutes or less and believes yoga pants are acceptable attire for any occasion.



Autumn_AJAutumn Bois | Beauty Writer/Contributor

Autumn is currently upgrading some courses in school with hopes of entering a career in health care somewhere in the near future. She is a tea enthusiast, who loves checking out the new products and techniques in the makeup world, thinking of new things to cook up in the kitchen, sitting down with a good colouring book and a movie/tv show and telling endless stories about her cats (of the present and past).



MeaganHeadShotMeagan McLavish | Health & Nutrition Expert

Meagan is a registered Dietitian studying medicine at the University of Alberta. When she’s not busy trying out new recipes in her kitchen, she can be found getting her butt-kicked in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class! Like most med students, Meagan sees coffee more as a need than a want.