Make Your Own Natural Face Wash

Written By: Kelli Gustafson


Over the years I’ve tried dozens (maybe even hundreds!) of different skin care products. Scrubs, toners, acne washes — you name it, I’ve probably tried it. One day my friend Autumn introduced me to this magical place called Lush. I used to avoid it in the mall because the scents of all the different bath bombs was so overwhelming and strong, it would turn my stomach. But Autumn explained to me that beyond giant stand of bath bombs, there was a world of all-natural skin care products (with ingredient names I could actually pronounce). I soon found myself madly in love — I loved the way their products made my skin feel clean, but not chemically clean. Since their ingredients were all-natural, I thought, why not try making them myself?

Although I still haven’t nailed down how to make Angels on Bare Skin (which I highly recommend!) as good as they make it at Lush, I’d like to share a few recipes for some simple skin care products that will leave your skin glowing and saying “thank you”.

First up — this simple, natural face wash that only uses 3 ingredients!

3-ingredient Face Wash:

1. Kaolin Clay

Measure out approximately 4 Tbsp. of Kaolin Clay.

2. Jojoba Oil

Add 3 Tbsp. of Jojoba Oil and stir together until it becomes a paste.

3. Lavender Oil

Add approximately 8-10 drops of your favourite essential oil & mix it all up! I used Lavender oil, which is gentle on your skin and great for those with sensitivities! You can also add Tea Tree oil if you’re more prone to breakouts (but be careful, because this might dry out the skin too much!).

4. Enjoy!

Ta-da! That’s all there is to it!
Now sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of your simple, natural face wash — your skin (not to mention your wallet) will thank you!

For washin’ – splash your face with warm water, grab a pinch of the mixture, and scrub-a-dub-dub! Rinse, and dry. …Oh, and moisturize!

Be sure to store it in a jar or sealed container so it does not dry out.