Best Places to Get Coffee in Edmonton

Name: Transcend Coffee 
First Place
Location: 10359 B – 104 Street (Lower level)
Try this: Flat White
Highlight: The staff! This isn’t your usual exclusive, hipster spot. Rather, you’ll be met with welcoming smiles, friendly staff, and a neighbourly atmosphere. A real hidden gem.


With 3 locations in Edmonton, Transcend is a must-try for those visiting the city and a must-have for locals. As a frequent visitor at the Mercer Cafe location, I can confirm they live up to their name. Their full-bodied espresso will transcend your tastebuds, and have you vowing to never return to Starbucks again.


Name: Credo
Second Place
Location: 10134 – 104 Street
Try this: Vanilla Latte (with real vanilla!)
Highlight: The atmosphere. Located just off Jasper, on the lively 104 Street, you will feel energized even if you ordered decaf. 😉


You can find Credo at 2 locations in Edmonton (104th Street & 124th Street). Credo is a go-to if you’re looking for somewhere to sit and chat with friends on a Saturday afternoon, or a great spot to hunker down with some homework on the weekday. Offering freshly baked goods, you’re bound to find something to compliment your coffee.


Name: Remedy Cafe
Third Place
Location: 10279 Jasper Avenue
Try this: Regular Latte
Highlight: Open late! Open until 12:00am every. single. day, this spot is the perfect place for those late night study sessions, offering the most diverse menu you’ll find at any cafe in the city.


Well-known for their Chai — an original recipe stewed to perfection — Remedy Cafe has quickly become a hot spot for students looking for a cafe with a twist. Offering Pakistani and Indian dishes, the smell of spices will have your mouth watering when you first walk in. Don’t let this exciting menu overwhelm you — their regular latte is still a classic.